Extending Visitor Visa Stay In Canada: Expert Tips 

Extending Visitor Visa Stay In Canada: Expert Tips 

Canada is the second largest country in the world, being preferred by many for its tourist attractions. The country amazes people with its beautiful spots and attractions along with the fabulous lifestyle enhancing opportunities.

That is why major people immigrated to Canada on visitor visa for taking the leisure of its gleaming beauty. 

This blog is for those who have already immigrated to Canada on visitor visa and want to extend their stay there. By Consulting the best visitor visa consultant Calgary, the folks can get their travel stay extended in Canada. 

Let’s now have a look on the expert tips for enhancing a visitor visa applicant stay in Canada:

Expert Tips For Extending Visitor Visa Stay In Canada 

#1. Keep in Mind The Timeline 

The first thing that you have to keep in your mind is knowing the timeline till which you can extend your stay. You must consult your concerned immigration specialist for the right solution before the timeline expires. 

#2.  Plan Ahead and Apply Early 

It’s good if the applicant plans ahead in their mind regarding the right way to apply for the visitor visa extension. Apart from this, one must also keep intact with the changing visitor visa rules that are necessary to adhere while working on the application. 

#3. Know your eligibility and sort documents 

The next very important thing is knowing about the eligibility requirements, if you filfil those. Review the eligibility criteria and then gather the necessary documents including the proof of funds and also the crucial traveling supporting documents. 

#4. Demonstrating Ties To Home Country 

It’s vital to represent ties to the home country with which you belong to such as one must include evidence of employment, property ownership (if you have any), family connections and so on. This helps in easy approval of your visitor visa extension soon. 

#5. Comply to Legal Immigration Rules 

One must adhere to the latest rules being introduced in the immigration industry. The application would only be accepted soon without any kind of hassle if the proper rules and legal laws are obeyed. 

#6. Understanding Processing Times 

The application processing needs some time, so at the time when the appeal is submitted, one must wait patiently to get the final results. In the waiting time, you can look for accommodation options for easing your extension. 

How You Should Select The Best Visitor Visa Professionals? 

Here are some tips that you must navigate for hiring the best visitor experts near you, let’s see :

  1. Check credentials & accreditations
  2. Review experiences and expertise
  3. Check client reviews 
  4. Ensure transparency in fees
  5. Do check the success rates 
  6. Ask for referrals 

In Conclusion 

So, these are some of the foremost tips on how one can make his or her visitor visa extension application a success. Through careful investigation, verification of credentials, and consideration of above-mentioned factors, one can choose the best visitor visa consultant Calgary who are qualified to help you with varied immigration requirements.

Consult the Skytrack Immigration professionals in Calgary for expert assistance for any of your immigration concerns. 


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