Options For IT Workers

Options For IT Workers

Options For IT Workers

Because of the significance of the technology industry to the Canadian economy, the Canadian government expedites work permit processing. This thorough CS Immigration website provides a review of work visa options for IT talent.

Global Talent Stream

Employers interested in hiring specialized IT professionals in Canada may be eligible for an expedited and aided Labour Market Impact Assessment through the Global Talent Stream. (LMIA).Qualified vocations include software engineers and designers, computer programmers and interactive media developers, information systems analysts and consultants, and computer and information systems managers.

CUSMA Professionals

Under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement, there is a list of around 60 jobs that qualify for a facilitated work visa known as the CUSMA Professional work permit. (CUSMA). IT-related jobs include computer systems analysts, graphic designers, technical magazine writers, and computer engineers, to name a few.
This work permit is more convenient since the Canadian company does not need to get an LMIA before the American or Mexican citizen applies for their work visa.
Because no LMIA is required, a business can bring a foreign worker to Canada in less time.

Intra Company Transferees

Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) is a work permit option that, like the CUSMA Professional work visa, does not require an LMIA.
To be eligible for an ICT work permit, the worker must have spent at least one year working for the company overseas, and the two firms must have a qualifying connection. (Subsidiary, affiliate, parent, or branch)