Tour Guides Operating in Canada

Tour Guides Operating in Canada

Tourists who travel by bus as part of a tour group can enter the country with a tourist visa; however, tour leaders and bus drivers cannot in most cases.

Tour guides and bus drivers may be permitted to enter the country with only a standard visa; but, if they provide services, they may need to get a Canadian work permit. At the border, bus drivers and tour guides can express their worries about working in Canada. However, this is contingent on a variety of factors.

Several factors may be evaluated upon arrival to decide if the individual needs to obtain a work permit or if they may enter the country on a standard visa.

What are those factors?

The first consideration is the type of services that will be offered to them throughout their stay in Canada. If the border immigration authorities determine that the tour guide is required to accompany them on the trip, among other things, they would most likely request that the tour guide obtain a work permit. However, if the tour guide is serving as a chaperone or group leader, a work visa may not be required upon admission.

The function of the tour leader will be crucial in determining what they will require upon arriving in the nation.

The second issue is the place of departure and arrival for the tour or tour bus. If the trip begins and ends in Canada, the immigration agents will demand a work visa. The reason for this is that the tour guide will only work in the nation, which implies they are part of the labour market. However, if the trip begins and concludes outside of Canada, there is a potential that the tour guide will not need a work permit.