About Our Company

Our case processing officers put in their best endeavors in order to ensure that you get excellent immigration services in Calgary. Apart from this, we also take pride in providing our customers with the most reliable and cost-efficient services. We do uphold the highest standards of perfection and professionalism that make us stand out among various other immigration agencies in Calgary. Since we recognize how crucial transparency and trust are to the immigration process, we work hard to develop long-lasting bonds with each of our customers based on sincere communication and mutual respect. Considered the top-notch Immigration Consultant Calgary, NE, we make the whole immigration process as easy and stress-free as possible so the client might concentrate on creating their new lives in Canada. For more information on how we may assist you in achieving your immigration goals, get in touch with us right away.

Immigrating has traditionally been perceived as the ultimate pathway towards a brighter future, but the intricate and overwhelming nature of the immigration process has often proven to be a hindrance to many aspiring immigrants. Consequently, their dreams of relocating to a new country have been thwarted. To address this issue and offer support to the community of dreamers and achievers, we have established an immigration consultancy firm that aims to simplify the Canadian immigration process. Thus, Skytrack Immigration was founded as a reliable and trustworthy immigration consultancy firm, with Baljeet Kaur, a certified RCIC, among its team of professionals. Our firm specializes in providing tailored and comprehensive immigration services to individuals and families globally. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable immigration experts who offer a broad range of immigration solutions. Our firm takes pride in offering exceptional customer service and has a well-established reputation for delivering efficient and effective results.

Baljeet Brar, as the name relates one of the lead certified RCICs, and part of Skytrack Immigration. Skytrack Immigration who is a leading Consultancy for immigration to Canada that delivers professional and efficient service with a clear goal: to guide and complete your immigration journey. As we only hire fully qualified and licensed consultants of ICCRC, we have access to various useful resources that can help you with your immigration process from start to finish.

Skytrack Immigration®, Canada Is Just Few Clicks Away!

How We Make The Magic Happen?

Canada offers over 60 immigration programs, providing applicants with a plethora of options for their immigration journey. At Skytrack Immigration®, we assist in selecting an immigration program that aligns with your specific needs and immigration profile. We handle all necessary documentation, ensuring the authenticity of supporting documents and completing required paperwork. Our services include assistance with filling out immigration applications, regular follow-ups with consulates to update your profile, staying up-to-date with immigration law changes, and guiding you through the process after receiving an invitation to apply. We also provide support with IELTS preparation, interview readiness for various visa officers, obtaining PCC and Medical Certificates, and post-landing services.

Why Skytrack Immigration Should Be On The Top Of Your List?

At Skytrack Immigration, our unique value proposition lies in our well-structured and organized operations that span across multiple departments to handle the processing, documentation, and filing of your immigration application. As we meticulously examine your profile at different stages, we gain valuable insights into identifying the most suitable immigration pathway for you. Our expertise in offering effective staffing solutions for diverse employment needs also enables us to assist you in selecting your ideal immigration program. Regardless of the complexity of your migration pathway, we recognize and respect the importance of your time. Our commitment to delivering prompt and reliable service ensures that we turn your Canadian dreams into reality. By partnering with us, you stand to benefit from our multifaceted approach that positions us as a trusted advisor during your immigration journey. At Skytrack Immigration, we are confident that we provide the most efficient and stress-free means of securing a visa to Canada.

Also,You Get

Reliable and Trusted Application Process
Certified and Verified Visa Processing
Safe and Ethical Practices

Efficient and Time-saving Processing
Assistance with Job Placement Opportunities
High Success Rate with Minimal Chance of Rejection
Regular and Timely Suggestions and Updates
Personalized Checklist of Required Documents
Affordable and Reasonable Fees