Strategic Ways To Boost Your Chances To Get Canada PR 

Strategic Ways To Boost Your Chances To Get Canada PR 

Canada is becoming the top-preferred destination for people to immigrate to for the time being. Some people apply for study visas and work visas first to avail of Canada PR afterward, whereas some get permanent residence titles in Canada and then move to Canada. 

There are numerous ways how a candidate can get PR and for that one must consult the best immigration consultants in Calgary

Let’s know some smart ways suggested by experts for making your Canada Permanent Resident Application a success. We will start with understanding the express entry system for that, so let’s make a start:- 

What is an Express Entry System? 

The express entry system is a whole new process for getting your Canada PR chances increased. It’s an online system that is used by the Canadian government to process permanent resident applications for skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada and then want to acquire Canadian Permanent resident status. 

There are three main categories under this system:-

a. Federal Skilled Worker 

Except for Quebec, any person with skilled job experience who plans to reside in any Canadian province or territory may apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Programme. 

b. Canada Experience Class 

Those who have obtained specialized work experience in Canada and hope to become permanent residents are eligible for the Canadian Experience Class.

c. Federal Skilled Trade Program 

The Federal Skilled Trades Programme is for skilled workers in certain trades who aspire to become permanent citizens in Canada.

When the candidates apply under these streams, their chances to get Canadian Residence get bolstered. 

Let’s have a look at some strategies and ways people can apply for Canada PR under these categories:- 

Smart Ways to Elevate Your Canada PR Chances 

1. Boosting one’s language proficiency 

In the realm of getting Canada PR, language adeptness holds great significance. Try to make your IELTS, CELPIP, and PTE scores better to enhance your possibility of Canadian residence. This will increase your overall CRS points. 

2. Accumulate Work Experience 

Work Experience also helps in enhancing an applicant’s overall PR possibility. So, try to accumulate work experience of extended years in your work field. This increases your CRS scores and by aligning your profession with the NOC code (National Occupational Classification), one can easily bolster Canada’s PNP chances and then finally PR. 

3. Try to fetch a job offer 

A valid job offer increases one’s chances of availing Canada PR. Just consult the top immigration specialists to get the right job opportunity for yourself from a Canadian employer. Securing a valid job offer from a Canadian employer would be a strategic move to augment your CRS score. 

4. Optimize Your Express Entry Profile For Visibility

Always make sure that your express entry profile is updated in the pool. Check if the details related to work experience, language scores, and education credentials are always updated. This will keep your profile always more visible and will remove any kind of discrepancy in your profile. 

5. Include Marital Status and Siblings Connections 

If the applicant includes the marital status and also the sibling’s connections in Canada, there would be more chances of getting your application for Canadian residence selected. Being married or having any sibling blood connection gives you additional points in the pool. 

In Conclusion 

These therefore were a few of the strategic methods by which a candidate can raise their CRS scores and boost the likelihood that their express entry file would be chosen.

But before choosing the Best Immigration Consultants in Calgary for your specific profile, make an efficient comparison of the experience, fees, and credibility of the experts. 

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