New Rule Introduced – 3 years Work Permit For Post Graduates

A new relief offered by IRCC to the immigrants who came across to Canada through study visa. As, per this rule, everyone knows that students who come to complete their master’s that is less than two years can get a work permit as per the previous guidelines.

But, now the latest updation made by IRCC has offered a big relief to those students who are thinking of pursuing their master’s degree from Canada that now they can avail the work permit of up to 3 years.

Not only this, people have even improved the eligibility criteria for the students so that they get to know about that conveniently & choose their preferred course to successfully achieve the work permit.

With this, the government has even said that the work permit limit after completing other study programs for international students won’t change & would remain the same as per the prior rules.

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So, let’s have a look at the new eligibility criteria issued by IRCC for the PGWP:

Eligibility Criteria for PGWP:

To get the PGWP, international students should have:

  • possess finished the coursework required for a certificate, diploma, or degree;
  • have concluded their studies in a minimum of eight-month academic, vocational, or professional training program at a DLI that qualifies;
  • maintained, for each academic term that the program or programs of study were completed, full-time status as a student in Canada; this should be included on the PGWP application (though there might be certain exceptions);
  • hold a transcript and a formal letter attesting to the applicant’s completion of the requirements for their program of study from a certified DLI (both of which must be included in the PGWP application);
  • have completed their education at a public postsecondary institution, such as a university, college, trade school, or CEGEP (in Quebec); attend a private postsecondary institution in Quebec that is subject to the same legislation as public institutions in the province;
  • In Quebec, a private secondary or post-secondary school that provides qualifying programs lasting 900 hours or more and leads to the issuance of a diplôme d’études professionnelles (DEP) or an attestation de spécialization professionnelle (ASP) is acceptable.
  • Alternatively, a private school in Canada that is authorized by provincial law to award degrees (such as Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate degrees) must ensure that the student was enrolled in a program that the province has approved.
  • Each of these academic establishments has to be a DLI.

Note: The government even said this rule will officially be implemented in Canada after September 2024. With this, the ones that utilize a curriculum licensing framework under the private colleges are not eligible to get the PGWP.


The information signifies that international students will now get a big relief over PGWP. But, still, if you feel less informed & want to know about the other things in detail then consult the best work permit consultants in Calgary from amazing places like Skytrack Immigration & enroll to get their visa after implementation of the rules.

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