Is it Allowed to Leave Canada After Work Permit Extension?

Everyone is well aware of the important thing that after applying for a work permit visa extension they are allowed to leave Canada and come back. However, upon returning to Canada, work permit extension applicants are generally not aware of the fact that which essentials they should remember.

For a better idea, we are here with this blog where they will get to know & be aware that one of three things will take place which they have to keep in mind.

The applicants for work permits could have to go back to Canada as tourists rather than as temporary residents. This implies that candidates who leave Canada may not be able to return and continue working there.

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Note: The first two of the three scenarios that follow are predicated on the applicant not having received approval for an extension of their work visa.

Now, let’s have a look at how applicants can enter Canada after applying for work permit extension:

Re-enter as a Visitor

As per this, applicants are allowed to be in Canada but are not allowed to work till the time their permit doesn’t get approved or until the decision has been made on their extension.

With this, before the extension approval, they even have to provide to IRCC that after the permit gets extended they have enough expenses with them to support themselves & survive in Canada.

Re-enter as a Worker

At some point, this may be possible that officers at the IRCC may occasionally conclude that an applicant received a work permit extension while they were outside of Canada. The applicant might be permitted to return to Canada in this situation to work.

Requesting to be Considered for a Fresh Work Permit

Upon their return to Canada, applicants for extensions might also be required to reapply for a work permit at the port of entry.

It should be noted that the IRCC does not specify whether or not these applicants must wait for the new permission to be approved before they can resume working in Canada after applying at the port of entry upon their return.

Other than this, there are various requirements that applicants should have to re-enter Canada without any stress:

Requirements to Fulfill & Re-enter Canada

When applicants are permitted to leave & re-enter Canada freely, work permit holders are allowed to meet certain requirements like:

  • Either the applicants should have a Temporary Resident Visa (also known as a visitor visa) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Visitor Visa & ETAs

This requirement gets fulfilled depending on the individual situation, & may vary with those who reside in visa-required countries.

Citizens of nations exempt from requiring visas

The permit holders who reside in visa-exempt countries are allowed to re-enter Canada if they have an appropriate or valid passport with ETAs.

For Citizens of visa-required countries 

These are allowed to enter Canada only if they have a valid visa & work permit.

Key Takeaway

The information gives the idea that after applying for the work permit extension which requirements they are allowed to re-enter Canada & live a stress-free life. Other than this, if you have any other queries then you can get in touch with the best immigration consultants in Calgary of Skytrack Immigration right away & keep yourself updated with all updates for Canada.

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