British Columbia

British Columbia

British Columbia

If you want to live somewhere with a high level of variety, British Columbia is the spot to be. Vancouver, Canada’s third biggest metropolis, is located in British Columbia. It is the country’s most powerful commercial household and is well-known for its natural resources, particularly forests and mining. Another advantage is that immigrants from all around the world can enter the country through different channels.

British Columbia Immigration Streams

If you want to immigrate to British Columbia and attain Permanent Residency, you have the following 3 options to choose from:

  • Skills Immigration Stream
  • Express Entry British Columbia Stream
  • Entrepreneur Immigration

The Skills Immigration Stream is for skilled employees, healthcare professionals, overseas graduates and postgraduates, as well as entry-level and semi-skilled workers.

The Express Entry British Columbia Stream is intended for skilled workers, healthcare professionals, post-grads, and overseas graduates.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Tech

British Columbia is also known for holding out Tech draws. During these draws, eligible skilled workers are invited to apply for a provincial nomination. The Tech Program in BC started in 2017 when the country saw a large shortage in the tech sector. In June 2021, this program became a permanent one. The Tech Program is especially made for skilled workers who have a job offer in British Columbia in one of the 29 occupations that are listed in the program.

Our faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of living in British Columbia is determined by you and your location within the province. Remember that the farther you travel into the city, the more you'll have to spend for housing, and the further you go, the more probable you'll be able to find inexpensive housing leases.

How long can the file processing take?

It can take anything from 3 to 6 months, and in some circumstances much longer. However, it is dependent on the present circumstances in Canada as well as the documentation that you have filed.

In a nutshell, sure, but not for everyone. The Medical Service Plan is free if you are a Canadian or a permanent resident of British Columbia.

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