Essential Tourist Visa Documents for Canada You Must be Aware About

Are you dreaming of exploring Canada and take the leisure of watching it’s beautiful vicinities. Then obtaining a tourist visa for Canada would be the first step to turn your dreams to reality. 

While applying for the tourist visa is a complex process but taking the help from expert tourist visa consultants in Calagry can simplify this procedure. 

Apart from only finding the best immigration consultants, one must also have basic knowledge on what is the process of applying for tourist visa and what crucial documents one need. Different tourist visa profiles would need different documents and here in this blogpost, we will walk you through the pertinent tourist visa documents you will need to embark on your Canada journey process. 

So, let’s dwell in 

  1. Passport 

The most important document when requesting a tourist visa is your passport. Make sure it is valid for at least six months past the time you plan to return it. As some nations want multiple blank pages for entry and exit stamps, make sure there are any remaining visa pages available for stamping.

  1. Visa Application Form 

Each country has its own visa application form and the form is available online when you check out the official website of the country. You will have to fill out that form accurately and truthfully because if any error is committed that it can lead to delay in the visa process or sometimes denials. So, double-check the information you put in it always. 

  1. Passport Size Photos 

Countries require recent passport-sized photos that follow certain rules. These images should adhere to strict requirements for size, background colour, and quality as they are generally needed for identification purposes.

  1. Financial Evidences 

One has to submit the financial proofs as well like bank statements, pay stubs, employer letter, property and assets documents for assuring the Canadian government that the candidate is financially strong and is able to combat all the financial expenses that would be incurred while being on tourist visa in Canada. 

  1. Invitation Letter 

If the person would be staying with the friends or relatives, then they can send the sponsorship letter or a letter of invitation which would confirm all the visitor’s lodging costs and other expenses for the visit. 

  1. Proof of Ties to Home Country 

Proof of ties is also important to be provided to the immigration professionals which entails the ensurance that the immigrant would return back to the home country when the purpose would be fulfilled. This could be the job letter, property ownership, family commitments or enrollment in educational institutions. 

  1. Travel Insurance

A necessary document, travel insurance protects against unforeseen occurrences including illness, trip cancellation, and lost property. In some nations, getting travel insurance is even required in order to get a tourist visa.

Final Words 

So, these are some of the most important documents people need to apply for tourist visa for Canada. By ensuring that you have all the necessary documents in order, your chances of visa approval increases. So, always stay updated about the right documents needed for the visa process and consult reliable tourist visa consultants in Calgary because they will guide you and support you throughout your visa. And for better assistance, contact Skytrack immigration experts. 

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