Discovering the Truth: Dispelling Myths About Immigration to Canada

Discovering the Truth: Dispelling Myths About Immigration to Canada

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Canada is known for its scenic beauty and stunning landscapes. Plus, the lifestyle, culture, study, and work opportunities are innumerable. It’s because of this that so many people move to this country to spend a better life there. However, there are some common myths and misconceptions that are lingering in the minds of people regarding Canadian immigration because they do not consult the right immigration consultant Calgary, NE companies and believe in false assumptions formulated by the people. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss the common misbeliefs that people have about immigrating to Canada and if they are true or not. So, let’s dwell on those facts:

Myth 1: Immigrants encourage crime in Canada 

Reality: This is a myth that is now being rumored a lot by the people who are immigrating to Canada. This is not a true fact. In fact, as per the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy, immigrants are much less involved in criminal activities than the ones who are born in Canada. Immigrants tend to take lesser risks for posing a criminal threat to Canada because they are in Canada to work for their future and settle later. 

Myth2: Canada’s Immigration process is easy

Reality: Although Canadian immigration offers great pathways to study, work or settle in Canada. But its openness must not be taken as easy because immigrating is not an overnight task. It all depends on the visa profile of the person, the overall volume of applications, and factors such as the type of visa. So, one really has to become patient and diligent during the application and visa approval process. 

Myth 3: By purchasing a home in Canada, I can become a permanent resident (PR) of Canada.

Reality: Vast majority of people think or are made to think by various claimed immigration experts that they can get Canada PR by just owning a house or land in Canada. However, there are a plethora of other requirements as well to be fulfilled for becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident buying a property. 

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Myth 4: Fluency in French is not essential to live in Canada 

Reality: To live in Canada, the resident must be fluent in English and French as these are the two recognized official languages in Canada. Conversely, fluency in both languages is not mandatory for all Canada Immigration programs, but yes it is essential to learn and speak French fluently. 

Myth 5: Only the wealthy can afford to immigrate to Canada

Reality: Regardless of applicants’ financial situation, Canada’s immigration system is made to be accessible to a wide variety of people. Even though there are costs involved with applying for visas and other procedures, they are still relatively low compared to many other nations. Additionally, some immigration policies, including Express Entry, give preference to attributes like education, employment history, and language ability above material possessions and not only money. 

Concluding words: 

Hence, these were some of the common misbeliefs people have about Canadian immigration that we have debunked now. It’s always vital to possess the right knowledge when you plan to immigrate to Canada. You must always consult the most reliable immigration consultant Calgary, NE for getting the desirable visa results, and for the best assistance, do contact Skytrack immigration experts. You will always get the finest visa guidance and application services from them. 

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