Different Work Permit Categories: Which One is Right for You?

Different Work Permit Categories: Which One is Right for You?

The trend of immigrating abroad has been immensely leveled up, and people are opting for various pathways to move and settle abroad. The countries that people now prefer to move to are Canada, Australia, the UK, and the U.S.A. Some people opt for a study visa to immigrate to a foreign country while others choose work visas.


Candidates who do not opt for study visas prefer applying for work visas through the best work permit consultants in Calgary. However, the process is a little bit complex which could be made simpler with accurate guidance and services from experts. 

In this blog, we will talk about common work visa categories and for whom it is ideal. So, let’s take a look:


1. Temporary Work Visas 

Temporary work visas are the best for people who are looking for short-term employment opportunities in a foreign country. The TR visas are often for a specific time limit ( generally short period ) and are associated with project work, seasonal work, or any kind of training program. This visa is beneficial for people who want to immigrate abroad for the aforementioned purposes. 

2. Skilled Worker Programs 

There is also another work-based immigration program that is commonly suggested by immigration professionals which is a skill-based work visa. This program is for individuals who have specific skills, education, and work experience in the host country, and based on that, they would qualify for applying under the skilled worker program category abroad. These types of visas often lead to Permanent residency. 

3. Intra-company Transfers 

This type of work visa is for those individuals who are working in a country but the company has its affiliate offices in other countries as well. So, the owners send the most skilled candidates to another country to advance the work and the employee’s career. So, whenever a person is a part of the global workforce team, he could get an intra-company transfer visa to move to a foreign country for work. 

4. Entrepreneurship Visas 

Some budding entrepreneurs wish to establish and scale up their businesses in foreign lands. So, an entrepreneurship visa is meant for those applicants but this visa often demands requirements like your decided business pre-plan, investment thresholds, and job creation targets. So, if you have a desire to develop your business abroad, then this work visa could be your ideal pathway. 

5. Student Work Permits 

Student work permits give a chance to individuals who are studying abroad to work there in the form of student work permits. During their academic term, these permits typically have limitations on the number of hours you can work; however, during breaks, they provide greater freedom to work. Student work permits are a wise step if you’re a student trying to improve your career and pay for living expenses while you’re a student in a new country. 


In Conclusion 

Hence, we can say that selecting the appropriate category for your work visa is a crucial step in your career path. Every category has specific benefits and requirements, so it’s critical to match your objectives, abilities, and situation with the best choice by consulting top-notch work permit consultants in Calgary such as the Skytrack Immigration experts. Knowing the complexities of work permits will enable you to make wise judgments and open doors to fascinating chances on the international scene. 


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