Common Reasons for Temporary Resident Visa Rejection 

Temporary Resident Visa is for people who want to visit Canada and want to explore its alluring beauty. So, for that purpose, people typically apply for a temporary resident visa from the best temporary resident visa consultants Calgary so that they might avoid any rejection in their particular case. 

Temporary Resident Visa Consultants Calgary

However, the TRV application procedure can be complicated, and it happens frequently that applications are turned down for a variety of reasons. Here in this blog, we’ll explain the typical causes of TRV rejection and offer advice on how to stay clear of these mistakes to improve one’s application’s chances of being accepted. So, let’s have a look: 

  • Inadequate or Inaccurate paperwork 

One of the most common causes of TRV application denials is inadequate or inaccurate paperwork. An application may be rejected if all necessary documentation is not submitted or if the forms are not correctly completed. Carefully read the application criteria and make sure all of your paperwork is correct before submitting it, to avoid any discrepancy in your application case. 

  • Inadequate Financial Evidence

Canadian authorities require proof that you can sustain yourself while in the country. One of the main reasons applications are rejected is insufficient financial documentation, such as bank statements or letters of support. Make sure your proof of your financial capabilities is complete and current in your temporary visa file application. 

  • Absence of Ties to Your Home Nation

After your travel to Canada, immigration officials will want to know that you have strong ties to your home nation. Rejection may occur from insufficient proof of relationships, such as family, job, or property. Visiting another country and coming back to your home country is essential in the documentation of your TRV application. 

  • Incomplete Travel Itinerary

A vague or unfinished travel itinerary that omits important information about your destination, lodging, and purpose of travel may cause suspicion and result in rejection. Give the immigration officer a thorough and organized itinerary information that addresses any queries they may have. 

  • Criminal or Medical Inadmissibility

A TRV rejection may arise from a criminal record or a medical condition that endangers the public’s health and safety. It is imperative that you take proactive measures to resolve these obstacles, such as securing the required permits or providing evidence of your admissibility so that no problem creeps into your temporary resident visa application. 

The Bottom Line 

By keeping the above typical causes for Temporary Resident Visa denial and addressing them carefully at the time of submission of the application, you can greatly increase your chances of being granted a visa to enjoy everything that Canada has to offer. So, if you are also looking for temporary resident visa consultants Calgary, consult the expert ones from Skytrack Immigration


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