Common Questions People Should Ask The Express Entry Consultants

Common Questions People Should Ask The Express Entry Consultants

Are you looking for a professional express entry consultant in Calgary to make your immigration process easier? If yes, then you are at the right place. As there is an important need to hire the best consultant that will help them in the best way by providing them the help to complete and submit their application for processing.

But still, people get confused about what questions they should ask the consultants. To make that easier and more convenient for them, we are here with this informational blog. Through this, we will let them know what important questions they can ask to make their process and application processing easier.

So, let’s start by sharing a list of those common questions:

#1 Are you a member of a recognized regulatory body?

While consulting, this is a really important and common question that people should ask because if the consultant that they choose is a certified expert, then they can discuss their migration process easier. As if the consultant belongs to a reputed company, then they should know about the advanced methods that will make application processing convenient and surely get their visa approved.

#2 What is your experience with Express Entry applications?

Knowing about their membership also makes it important for everyone to know whether the consultants have the proper experience or not. As the experience unfolds, let the people know whether they can take help from that specific consultant and continue with him or not. Otherwise, it becomes important for everyone to continue with their search for a consultant and find the best one to get positive results.

#3 What is your fee structure?

Once people have finished their search process, there comes the need for them to have check on their budget. For that, people should ask about the fee structure of their chosen consultants, as they will get to know whether their pockets allow for the same or not. If their pocket allows, then they can set their budget according to that; otherwise, they should look for other consultants, know first about their fees, and then make any decision.

#4 What services do you provide?

It is really important for the migrants to know whether their specific consultant provides them with the best services or not. In order to clear that problem and be more sure about their decision, people should ask them whether they provide services like application processing, document preparation, etc., or not. If they get this assistance from their consultant then they can hand over their application-related things to them and get relief from their stress.

#5 What is your communication and availability policy?

People always wonder what is going on when their immigration procedure takes unexpected turns. So, in order to be more sure about their decision, they should ask the consultant what kind of communication mode they provide to resolve their problems. Other than communication mode, what kind of availability did they make to resolve their problems. By doing so, they will know whether they have made the right decision or not.

Final Words

By asking or discussing these questions with their chosen express entry consultant in Calgary, people get to know whether the choice they have made is appropriate for them or not. So, if you are still in confusion and want the best advice from a consultant, then you can get in touch with Sky Track Immigration today and get possible professional assistance.

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