Changes Announced by IRCC for Canada’s Student Visa Program 2024

Changes Announced by IRCC for Canada’s Student Visa Program 2024


Canada being the most preferred destination for people to move and settle there, is now bringing forth changes to its immigration system. Recently IRCC has announced a temporary halt on the study visas up till 31st March 2024 & even implemented a cap of approximately 360,000 new study permits this year.

To brief everyone more about the information, we are here with this blog through which we will shed light on this new reform and let people know the essential insights about it. 

Modifications by IRCC for Canada’s Student Visa Programme for 2024

# 1 Temporary Halt to New Student Visa Applications Till 31st March 2024 

As it is the right of every person or immigration aspirant to know about every detail of the immigration programs, so here we have come up with a directory of crucial details for the latest student visa reform which is that Canada may not see any new study permit applications until 31st March, 2024. 

This plan was presented by the IRCC in an attempt to stabilize Canada’s economic growth & recession, which has significantly plummeted in recent years. 

Due to the recent high influx of international students, the economy has been under pressure to meet several infrastructure needs, such as providing housing to new immigrant students or giving them jobs and so on. 

So, this rule would decrease the number of students rushing to Canada in 2024, which would rebalance Canada’s growth paradigm. 

Further, the rule says that IRCC relies on provinces to help implement a cap of approx 360,000 new study permits in 2024. 

#  2 IRCC demanding Letters of Attestation 

Apart from the above regulation, now the new student visa applicants would also need to get a letter of attestation. 

Before this rule, the students just needed to have letters of acceptance and the DLI number to apply for their study permit to Canada, but As of January 22, 2024, every student visa aspirant would also require attestation letters from the province or territory in which they are going. 

Important Note: The attestation letters are to be submitted along with LOAs and DLIs while submitting student visa applications. 

Other Changes To The System 

  • The IRCC has also declared a two-year cap on the provinces and territories, as per which the number of international students strength must decrease in regions to combat unsustainable growth.


  • As of September 1, 2024, a student in Canada would not be qualified for a Post Graduate Work Permit after graduation who begins a study program which is a part of the curriculum licensing arrangement. 


  • Master Graduates and other students who have completed short graduate-level programs would soon be eligible to apply for the 3-year work permit program. 


The Key Takeaway 

Canada’s decision to change its study permit application procedure is a calculated move to safeguard the security of its citizens, uphold educational standards, and adjust to a world that is changing quickly in the face of global challenges and uncertainties.

In the long run, we will see that this suspension will undoubtedly create a safe and rewarding environment in Canada for international students.

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