A Guide to Sponsoring Parents to Canada: Basic Requirements and Procedure

People nowadays put all their efforts into immigrating to Canada because of its rich cultural diversity, beautiful natural surroundings, and high level of living. Some people do it by applying for study visas or some immigrate to Canada on a work basis. So, the pathways are different to get a permanent residency in Canada. People who are looking for a family immigration consultant Calgary, NE for calling their parents in Canada often find it difficult to hire the services of a reliable Family visa expert. 

However, there is good news for people who have already made their home in Canada and want to invite their parents to join them. With the help of the country’s family reunification program, eligible citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their parents’ immigration to Canada. Here in this blog, We’ll share with you this valuable information about this process and the fundamental conditions and procedure for sponsoring parents to move to Canada. 

Let’s have a look 

  1. Sponsor’s Eligibility 

Making sure the sponsoring person satisfies the eligibility requirements is the first step in sponsoring parents to immigrate to Canada. For being a sponsor, you will have to meet the underlying requirements. 

a. Have Canadian citizenship or be a Canadian permanent resident.

b. Have reached the age of 18.

c. Have a residence in Canada; however, if you are a Canadian citizen residing abroad, you may still sponsor your parents if you intend to have a residence in Canada once they are granted permanent residency.

  1. Financial Requirements 

You can call your parents in Canada only when you meet the financial requirements. Sponsors are required to show that they can support their parents and any other dependent family members they may have financially. The minimum income criteria change depending on how many family members live in the sponsor’s home and how many people are being sponsored.

  1. Agreement for the sponsorship 

The sponsors can only help their parents financially for a predetermined amount of time, as the sponsorship agreement will allow. The rights and obligations of the sponsor and the sponsored individuals are described in this agreement. For parents, the sponsorship agreement typically lasts for 20 years.

  1. No Criminal History 

There should be no criminal history if you want to invite your parents to Canada. So, it is crucial to keep your criminal history clean if you want to invite your parents to Canada. 

  1. Collect all the necessary documents 

Gather all the documents you’ll need to submit with your sponsorship application such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, evidence of a parent-child relationship, income tax assessments, and any other documents defined by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) may be used as proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency.

  1. Fill out all application forms

 Visit the IRCC website to access the sponsorship application forms. Complete all relevant fields with accuracy. Verify the details a second time to prevent delays brought on by mistakes or omissions.

  1. Pay fees

You will have to pay the fees at various intervals for completing this immigration process. Government fees sometimes fluctuate, so be sure you are paying the correct amount before sending in your payment.

Conclusion So, these were some of the basic factors you will have to configure when you have to apply for a visa to call your parents in Canada. If you want to hire the more reliable and top-notch family immigration consultant Calgary, NE, then do consult Skytrack Immigration. You will get the expert help you need to get united with your parents in Canada.

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